March 3, 2013

Daddy's Glasses

Baby girl was very curious and wondered what that funny thing on daddy's face was, so she decided to pull them off and investigate. The results were inconclusive.

 Day 62

March 2, 2013

Baby Shower for a friend

We were helping with a baby shower for a friend. I forgot to take a good picture of us, but you can see baby girl sucking on her pacifier while in the ring sling. We can't wait for this new little one to arrive. This is the 3rd shower baby girl has attended. Most of my friends have decided this was a good year for having kids.

Day 61

March 1, 2013


We celebrated Mawmaw's birthday today, so baby girl make her a picture. She used her hands and mouth to draw.

Day 60

February 28, 2013

Baby Feet

We were super busy today and I almost forgot to take a picture. Here are some baby feet after she was baby-ritoed.

Day 59

February 27, 2013

Bumbo Sleeper

Many days baby girl will sit next to me at the table when I am having breakfast or working at the kitchen table. Today I got too boring and she fell asleep. It was super cute. Unfortunately, it was a very short nap since she woke up as soon as I tried to move her.

Day 58